Solutions That Fit

Do any of these apply to your organization?

  • When it comes to costs, are you reactive - totting them up - or proactive, looking for ways to better rein them in and put you back in control?
  • Are you struggling to close your books on time?
  • Is the information you base your business decisions on accurate and reliable and informative?
  • Do your staff lose time chasing down documents or maintain information in multiple spreadsheets and find it hard to meet customer requests?
  • Do you have reliable information of profitability per item. Which are slow moving or fast moving? Or is this a gut feel?
  • Do you waste time and money updating your accounting system with information from cash registers or other sources?

With a suite of solutions for financial management and control, Acctitude can help you cross these lines, and go beyond them.RM

Whether your company is an enterprise scale organization or a small to medium business, Acctitude has the product that will best suit your needs and our offering includes:

  • Analysis of your requirements
  • Design/Customisation of the product best suited to your needs
  • Provision/supply of any necessary hardware/software to accompany the solution
  • Training of relevant members of the organisation
  • Implementation of solution
  • Project management and handover
  • Ongoing support

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